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  March 2015: Tips, eNews & More!

March is Nutrition Month!

Every year, the 'Dieticians of Canada' select a theme for the month. This year it is Eating 9-to-5!

Rushed mornings, missed lunches, donut-filled meetings and a busy workday can make it difficult to eat well. Eating well at work can boost concentration, productivity and vitality. It can also reduce missed days of work by helping to improve overall health. Click here to learn more

Also be sure to ask about custom sport mouth guards if your kids are participating in any spring and summer activities.
You can request an appointment here.

Until next month, stay happy and keep smiling,

  Help us improve! - Striving For Excellence

We are always looking for ways to serve you better. Please take a moment to complete our short (5 minute) survey and help us continue to strive for excellence in 2015.

In completing the survey, you'll be entered into a draw to
win a $100 gift certificate to a Danforth restaurant of your choosing!

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  Whats New At DNDC

To ensure your comfort and safety, our staff recently completed a CPR Training course.

  Dentistry For Moms To Be

Pregnancy is filled with exciting changes to your body, and your mouth is no exception. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy increase the potential for dental problems, emphasizing the importance of proper and sometimes extra-ordinary oral hygiene.

Pregnancy Gingivitis is the most common of the dental concerns during a pregnancy. This form of Gingivitis is most prevalent between the second and eighth month of pregnancy. The symptoms associated with Pregnancy Gingivitis include: gums that are red, swollen, tender, or bleeding during brushing and flossing.

What can you do to decrease your risk? Click here to find out!

 Baked Eggplant Parmesan

eggplant parmesan photo: Terry's Eggplant parm 1009eggplantparm.jpg  
Eggplant Parmesan is a fun meal to make and delicious to eat. Our favourite thing to do is to keep some leftovers and make great, hearty eggplant parmesan sandwiches!

This recipe directs you to bake the eggplant instead of the more traditional frying method which is both healthier and results in crispier eggplant.

Click here for the full recipe!

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